Portable Magic That Mends Ties

25 August, 2016 | Your Voice | 0 comments

Written by Maahil

Renowned American author Stephen King describes books as uniquely portable magic. I certainly agree. Books are magic that you can take anywhere you wish to. It takes you to this magical universe where you have no worries except about what would happen to the character you read about.

Books are so much more than that. People value and love these marvelous creations for the joy it brings. The smell of new books out of the bookstore, the soft, crispy noise it makes when you turn a page overleaf, and the smell of old books are pure bliss and satisfaction to us.

But nothing gets you more happier than to receive a book as a gift, unknown and unexpected. It's like making magic too. Sometimes it's the way to win someone's heart. When the tie between two people are so weak it is barely connected with even a single thread, a surprise book from one person to the other can create the love that once existed.

I personally love to gift books to people who love them.

Some would starve themselves at lunch break, or refuse to take transportation service and save up to buy books. Some also do odd little jobs for people to save up. It is hard work and much sacrifice, but it totally would pay off in the end.

Because what better gift is for a book lover, any other than a good book he loves to read? What more is pleasant than untying the ropes and opening the package to find in it, a new and magnificent book from your favorite author? Pure bliss that you cannot explain properly with words!

But the best part is seeing how happy you have made "your person" who means the world to you, with a gift that means the world to them; a good book. Its magic, I tell you!

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