Having A Bad Day? Read A Book

23 June, 2016

Written by ferrthun


James Blunt’s ‘Goodbye My Lover’ must have been at the top of your playlist in some phase of your life. (Yes. I am including myself as well). As his melancholic voice echoed through your bedroom, while you sat on the edge of your bed, sipping a cup of tea thinking ‘I’m done with this crap’, that’s where you are wrong.

We all have bad days. Bad heartbreaks. The trick is we have to learn to look at life from different perspectives. It takes only a few of us to fathom how beautiful it actually is.  As the saying goes, it’s only a bad day and not a bad life. Quintessentially, the urge to talk to a friend when feeling blue is a common trait but there may not be a friend in reach to talk to. There may not be enough ice-cream and chocolate in your fridge to get over it. But I want to tell you, there is a ‘super-human’ behind a Twitter handle to wash your worries away. They have the most powerful arms in forms of books in their arsenal called ‘White Heron Books’.

If you aren’t a bookworm or even if you don’t fancy the idea of reading, it’s high time you give it a second thought. You can check their website and do some window-shopping, because I’m literally telling you, there’s no bad day a book can’t fix. If you see what title (and the synopsis) pleases you, you may as well do yourself a favor and buy a book. Ta-Da! Now you have the shield against the reality who broke your heart. It’s the best self-defense mechanism I tell you.  You want to ignore the world? That’s okay! Pick a book and read. Problem solved. By the time you finish it (or take a break to bask or sulk in the awe moments of it) I assure you are already fixing what went wrong before. It works like magic.

And if you haven’t found a book that interests you, I say you keep hunting for THE book. There is a diverse collection of books from different genres sitting idly at bookstores and libraries to get picked. In WHB’s website, you can easily get access to books on Maldives as well! There’s a very pretty collection of Game of Thrones Graphic Novel book set I have been prying my eyes for a while too. :D Oh, and If you can’t find a book you’re looking for, you name it, they deliver it to your door-step. I have done (I wouldn’t say serious xD) business with them quite a few times and my hopes weren’t thwarted. I absolutely love how the final package is delivered, more beautifully wrapped than you can imagine. I once kept a book unwrapped for around 10 days I think, (it took so much patience!) because I wanted to keep it for aesthetic purposes of my shelf.

Find yourself. You might just be surprised what lies beyond a pinpoint of an author’s mind. Fit in. Go to WHB website. You may come across the ‘thing’ that you often question yourself about missing in your entire life. And what I can promise you is, you won’t have to turn into a carrot and mourn all day long. Their deliveries are prompt (one of the reasons, WHB is a super-human). Give it a try. Browse and buy but most importantly, be happy.

PS, they DO have a mobile application for both iOS and Android users, just so you know. ;)

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