Confessions of a Reader 

17 June, 2016 | Your Voice | 0 comments

Written by Mai

Like so many bookworms, I'm another average bibliophile who might be wavering on the thin line between crazy and normal. Some of my bookish habits are normal (these are the ones I share with almost all my bookworm buddies) and some of them are quirky (absolutely insane) according to the same friends. Sniffing books is acceptable, taking a million photos of books for Instagram is not. Dragging a friend to a bookstore is acceptable, ignoring them for the next hour as you browse books is not. Fawning over a book together is acceptable, drowning them out by reading the book by yourself is not. The list goes on. Here are some of my literary confessions:

1) I consider myself a slow reader; I don't get through books as fast as I'd like to.

2) I hate reading classics sometimes. I don't understand people who love classics. I really don't.

3) I'm finding myself becoming disinterested in YA lately (this is either a phase or I'm hating YA for good. The latter sounds appealing and horrific at the same time).

4) I get easily envious of people with pretty bookshelves (it's totally a real thing).

5) The fact that stationery shops in Male' are called "bookshops" irks the living hell out of me. Those "bookshops" should be named "Stationery Stores That Happen to Have a Couple Books in Them" instead.

6) I secretly want to be "well-read" in Dhivehi books even though I go around denying it. 

7) I'm an extremely picky and judgmental brat when it comes to lending books, thanks to a certain incident that left a book of mine torn apart. The horror of it still haunts me.

8) I've stolen a book. I hope my mother never finds out.

9) I've mutilated a book to make an ornament out of it.

10) I've ditched dates to stay home and read. I'm dying single, I bet.

11) I've never gotten a literary birthday cake. You'd think someone would take a hint by now but nooo...

12) I find it very difficult to eat at the dining table without reading. Forget dining, I've dragged a book with me into the shower more times than I can count.

13) I love buying children's books as gifts for people. You can't say no to a kid book. They are bright, colorful, adorable, filled with pictures, and hardly have any words in them. 

14) Leaving a bookstore empty-handed pains me. Pains me. I'm not kidding.

15) I take the Goodreads Reading Goal very seriously.

16) If someone I know has a literary wedding before I do, I'm going to do unspeakable things to them (cry).

17) I take this weird, sadistic pleasure in reading about violence in stories, especially if it is towards characters I hate (insert Dolores Umbridge gif here).

18) I actually enjoy cliffhangers. I think it's one of the best bits about a series.

19) I've gone against the "Book > Movie" thing plenty of times.

20) I don't reread as often as I intend to. I'm too busy trying to get on with my TBR pile to look back at old favorites.

What are yours?

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