iOS App for White Heron Books

01 April, 2016

Since we started White Heron Books at the very end of January, we’ve been working on rolling out an iOS app for your use so that you can have an even more thrilling experience on our online bookshop. 

Our mobile website is responsive on mobiles and tablets but it cannot be compared to a standalone app that’s waiting for you to click, be it for a quick purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone or to add a book to your Wishlist (exclusive to the app).

We've had a team of designers work on this app for a month, with a bit of back and forth going on how we wanted certain features to be tweaked. All in all, we’d like to believe that the final product is exceptionally user-friendly.

We are very proud of this app, and we hope it becomes as popular as itself. 

The mobile app for White Heron Books is available only for iOS at the moment and you can download it right here.

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