Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years - Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times by Elizabeth Wayland Barber

By: Elizabeth Wayland Barber

Format: Paperback

Twenty thousand years ago, women were making and wearing the first clothing created from spun fibres. In fact, right up to the Industrial Revolution the fibre arts were an enormous economic force, belonging primarily to women. 

Despite the great toil required in making cloth and clothing, most books on ancient history and economics have no information on them. Much of this gap results from the extreme perishability of what women produced, but it seems clear that until now descriptions of prehistoric and early historic cultures have omitted virtually half the picture.

In this book, Elizabeth Wayland Barber argues that women were a powerful economic force in the ancient world, with their own industry: fabric.

ISBN: 9780393313482

Published in: 1995

W. W. Norton & Company