The Voyage of François Pyrard of Laval: To the East Indies, the Maldives, the Moluccas, and Brazil (Complete Set of 3 Volumes)

By: François Pyrard de Laval

Format: Hardback

François Pyrard was a Frenchman who in 1601 when he was in his early 20’s, set out to see the world. Sailing via St. Helena and rounding the Cape of Good Hope, he was shipwrecked in the Maldives after a stay at Madagascar. He left Maldives after about 5 years.

During his stay in the Maldives, he was witness to naval operations by the Dutch and Spaniards. Laval made his way to Chittagong and from there to the Malabar Coast where he visited Calicut, Cochin, stopping on the way at Minicoy and the Laccadive Islands. From Cochin, he left for Goa via Cananore. From Goa, he left for Diu and Cambay.

In 1608 he left Goa for Ceylon and Malacca. After visiting those countries he returned to Goa, from where he set sail for home. Being a keen observer, Laval describes the Military operation of this volatile age along with the politics between the European powers for the control of Asian trade. He also notices the arrival of other travellers. He gives an insightful account of the people, customs, trade, flora, fauna and language of the areas he visited. 

This work of 3 volumes was first published in 1887.

By François Pyrard

Edited and translated by Albert Gray

Assisted by H. C. P. Bell

Published in 2000. 

Weight: 1.85 kg.

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Published by: Asian Educational Services

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