The Islands

By: Various

Format: Hardback

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The Maldive Islands: An Account of the Physical Features, Climate, History, Inhabitants, Production and Trade by H. C. P. Bell

This is much like a gazetteer in its outlay: a specific aspect is noticed in the chapters and 2 appendices. Chapters 1 to 8 notice (1) the physical features (2) Climate (3) Political division (4) Historical sketch (5) inhabitants (6) Production and manufactures (7) Trade and commerce and (8) money, weights and measures. The 2 appendices note (1) the political status of the sultan and (2) treatment of wrecks. 

The book is a reprint of the edition published in 1883.


Maldivian Linguistic Studies by Wilhelm Geiger (edited by H. C. P. Bell)

This is a reprint of the 1919 edition that was translated from German by Mrs. J. C. Wills and first published in 1919 as an extra number of the Journal of the Ceylon Branch of Royal Asiatic Society.


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