The Maldive Islands: An Account of the Physical Features, Climate, History, Inhabitants, Production and Trade by H. C. P. Bell

By: H. C. P. Bell

Format: Hardback

This book is much like a gazetteer in its outlay: a specific aspect is noticed in the chapters and 2 appendices. Chapters 1 to 8 notice (1) the physical features (2) Climate (3) Political division (4) Historical sketch (5) inhabitants (6) Production and manufactures (7) Trade and commerce and (8) money, weights and measures. The 2 appendices note (1) the political status of the sultan and (2) treatment of wrecks. 

The book is a reprint of the edition published in 1883.

Published in 2004.

Weight: 0.9 kg.

Dimensions: 9.5 inches x 12.5 inches.

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Published by: Asian Educational Services

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