Maldives, A Historical Overview of Traditional Dhivehi Polity, 1800-1900 by Mohamed Nasheed

By: Mohamed Nasheed

Format: Hardback

This book is written by a historian who later got elected as the Maldives' first democratically elected President.

Please be advised that the dust jackets on these books have air bubble tunnels running across them. Other than that, these books are in excellent condition.


Blurb on dust jacket:

The Kingdom of Maldives has had a long recorded history of statehood. This statehood embodied not only total sovereignty in its governance but also a well-defined set of traditions that formulated its polity.

A political system perhaps can best be understood not so much from a discussion of its theoretical composition but more from its de facto operations. Mohamed Nasheed in this book cuts into the very thick of the actions and events of the 1800's Maldivian political history which has allowed him to exemplify the boundaries and the conduct that polity and as further given his room to show the interactions that led up to the major events in the Dhivehi polity.


Author biographical blurb on the dust jacket:

Born in 1967 in Malé, Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) is by far the leading writer of the upcoming new Maldivian generation. He was formerly a Member of Parliament for Malé and a renowned political activist.

His other books include Dangadu Dahana (Iron Armour), an in-depth study of the 19th Century Maldivian political history.

Published in 2003.

ISBN: 9789559098638

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Published by: Orient Academic Centre

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