Decadent Poetry edited by Lisa Rodensky

By: Lisa Rodensky

Format: Paperback

The poems collected in this volume are exquisite and languorous expressions of a spirit of self-indulgence and moral rebelliousness that emerged in the late Victorian age. They deal with eternal themes of transition, artifice and, above all, the cruel ravages of time – often depicting flowers, with their heady, perfumed beauty, as the embodiment of decay and desire.

Decadent Poetry brings together the works of many fascinating writers – Oscar Wilde on tainted love and the torments of the human spirit, Arthur Symons on an absinthe-induced stupor and the mysteries of the night, Rosamund Marriott Watson on disenchantment and memory, W. B. Yeats on waning passion and faded beauty, and Lord Alfred Douglas on shame and secret love, among many others of this exhilarating poetic movement.

Published in 2007.

ISBN: 9780140424133

Penguin Classics