Coral Stone Mosques of Maldives: The Vanishing Legacy of the Indian Ocean by Mauroof Jameel and Yahya Ahmad

By: Mauroof Jameel and Yahya Ahmad

Format: Hardback

The coral stone mosques of Maldives are a type of tropical mosque not seen in any other part of the world. The mosques were built using decorated interlocking coral stone from the reef, detailed timber lacquerwork and intricate carvings. The construction method, ‘coral stone carpentry’, used to create these mosques is no longer possible.

Photographs in the book show selected mosques in their present state while illustrations depict their former glory. The coral stone mosques that have survived are the last of their kind and are in need of protection so that they can be appreciated by future generations.

The aim of this is book is twofold: to act as an accurate work of reference and more importantly to raise awareness of the plight of these imperilled buildings.

Published in 2017.

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Published by: Gulf Pacific Press

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