Marvin Wanted MORE! by Joseph Theobald

By: Joseph Theobald

Format: Paperback

Marvin is not happy. Why are the other sheep bigger than him? And why are they faster than him? And WHY can they jump higher than him? Something has to change, and Marvin knows exactly how to change it EATING! Because if he's bigger than the other sheep, then surely he will be better, too? And after eating the grass and the flowers and the bushes, Marvin wants more. And after eating the trees and the clouds and the sky, Marvin still wants more! But what happens when there's nothing more left for Marvin to eat? A brilliantly funny picture book about a brilliantly greedy sheep!

Age Range: 0 to 5.

Dimensions: 9.65 x 0.16 x 10.83 inches.

Published in 2014.

ISBN: 9781408850015

Published by: Bloomsbury Childrens


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