Diplomacy in Early Islam by Dr. Afzal Iqbal

By: Dr. Afzal Iqbal

Format: Hardback

Among world religions Islam is privileged with a unique vision of statecraft and interstate relations, founded by the Prophet (PBUH) himself and considerably developed during the reign of the pious caliphs.

This only means that unlike modern diplomacy this concept of interstate relations was part of a greater system founded upon essentially ethical principles.

The author, Dr. Afzal Iqbal, who fortunately combines scholarship with a long career as a diplomat, has gone into details about the earliest structure of diplomacy in Islam.

This unique study makes a very interesting reading and leads to a profound perception of the subject by highlighting its different contours, the importance of which could only be perceived by one who has been a diplomat all through his own career.

The style is lucid and erudition remarkable,

Published in 1988.

ISBN: 9788185265087

Published by: Institute of Islamic Culture

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