Description of Maldives by François Pyrard de Laval

By: François Pyrard de Laval

Format: Hardback

François Pyrard de Laval wrote about the Maldives during his 5 years' of stay on the islands. This slim volume is an extract from The Voyage of Francois Pyrard of Laval: To the East Indies, the Maldives, the Moluccas, and Brazil (also available on our website).

It is a lively and personal account, and offers vivid, and often amusing, description of many of the islands’ aspects, some of which are: the geography and topography, people and their customs and manners, the trade, the produce, the system of government, etc.

The time spanning this narrative is from circa 1601 to 1606 AD.

Number of pages: 73.

Published in 2014.

Weight: 0.3 kg.

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Published by: Asian Educational Services

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