The Tower by Alessandro Gallenzi

By: Alessandro Gallenzi

Format: Paperback

Amman, Jordan. As an ambitious digitisation project gathers pace in a vast building outside Amman, some unpublished writings by Giordano Bruno flawed genius of the late Renaissance, renegade philosopher, occultist with a prodigious memory disappear together with the Jesuit priest sent by the Vatican to study them.

When the priest is found dead and a series of mysterious threats ensues, it becomes clear that the stakes are high for all the parties openly or covertly involved.

What dangerous ideas were contained in the stolen manuscript? What was the ultimate secret that Bruno tried to hide, even as he was persecuted, imprisoned and tortured by the Holy Inquisition?

Published on 21 May 2016.

ISBN: 9781846883767

Published by: Alma Books

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