Something Old, Something New

29 January, 2016 | White Heron Books | 1 comment

With many years of having suffered from bibliophilia, we’ve decided it’s time to bring books to the Maldives and have them readily available to fellow bibliophiles who yearn to be able to get their hands on a good book.

We’re quite selective on what we feature on White Heron Books and hope that there are subjects that can interest you.

To start off, we’ve added a selection of second hand books dating back to the 19th Century. The genre ranges from biographies to fiction. Additionally, we’ve added a range of books written on travel and adventure which depicts the resilience of humans during journeys that can turn out to be a battle with nature itself.

Reading an old book gives new meaning to the story since you can sense another story that's running parallel to it. This is felt even more when you turn a page and come across a random piece of paper or newspaper clipping that's been used as a bookmark. We can’t describe just how infatuated we are with preloved books.

For those of you looking for new books, fret not. We will be adding brand new books to our collection very soon.

A lot of thought and love goes into every book we feature at White Heron Books. We hope that there’s a book (or more!) here that you can love. 

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